When I was 6 years old, I was gifted a hot pink, Barbie branded 35mm film camera. My photos were mostly of puddles and blurred scenery out the windows of moving trains and cars, but there was something about capturing the world around me through something other than my own eyes that stuck with me. Not necessarily the preservation of my observations, though I do love some nostalgia; there was something about the ability to change my perspective through something as simple as a camera's lens. Since then, I've used photography as a sort of coping mechanism, helping me get out of my head and get curious about what I'll find in the world around me if I pay attention. Now, I use that curiosity to capture cities, the natural world, and the essence of the people I'm lucky enough to have in front of my lens. It's all about perspective. 

Bethany is based in Brooklyn, NY. To inquire about rates, availability, or to purchase a print, please reach out via the contact form here

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